You broke my shirt, ma'am.

"I'm sorry, I really didn't do it on purpose." Due to his mistake, the hairspray sprayed onto the other party's collar.

This was the second time she had made a mistake today.

Shen Qi felt that she would definitely die today.

As a top private stylist, but he had committed a mistake that even an apprentice would not commit.

A man in the midst of modeling was born with a pair of phoenix eyes. He lowered the corners of his eyes, raised the tail of his eyes, and coldly stared into the distance.

A man like that is a cruel and heartless man.


He Yi Ning once again looked at Shen Qi's collarbone.

There was a birthmark the size of a fingernail, like a flame.

The fiery red birthmark was written in the middle of her exquisite collarbone, beautiful yet warm.

"This is the second one you destroyed." He Yi Ning glanced at his destroyed clothes, then raised his head to look at Shen Qi, and his eyes slightly narrowed.

Shen Qi felt an overwhelming pressure pouring down from her back in an instant.

Shen Qi's fingers trembled. "I'm sorry …"


Just as the depths of Shen Qi's heart was in turmoil as she awaited for the conclusion of her fate, He Yi Ning suddenly went over to Shen Qi's ear and charmingly smiled: "Are you trying to keep me here?"

His breath suddenly sprayed onto Shen Qi's ears, and the hormone aura instantly covered the sky and permeated through all directions.

Shen Qi's pupils instantly contracted.

His body reacted immediately, extending his hand to push away He Yi Ning.

As his finger made contact with the other party's chest, the touch felt a patch of gentleness, causing Shen Qi to quickly retract his finger as if he had been scalded.

Shen Qi embarrassedly took a step back, but she forgot that she was behind him on the makeup table, and her entire person suddenly stuck to it.

Just as they were about to get up, He Yi Ning leaned over and pressed his nose against hers.

Shen Qi did not even dare to breathe loudly, her lips quivered slightly, her heartbeat sped up and her mind went blank.

Looking at Shen Qi's gradually reddening ears, He Yi Ning laughed softly.

"One last time." That beautiful voice sounded above Shen Qi's head, causing him to almost be unable to believe that she had actually escaped this calamity.

The king of commerce.

A ruthless workplace tyrant.

The legendary President of He's Consortium.

The diamond king that a million women would love to see …

He had too many titles, Shen Qi could only remember one thing: If anyone made a mistake in front of him, then they would have to bid farewell to this business for the rest of their lives.

He had made two mistakes today, but he didn't let him disappear?

His tall and big figure quickly left. Shen Qi who was only 165 centimeters tall instantly felt the pressure and stood up.

"Lady, I have fifteen minutes." He Yi Ning kindly reminded Shen Qi.

Shen Qi regained her senses and hurried over to finish the rest of the work.

After finishing his pose, Shen Qi asked worriedly: "The compensation for the two pieces of clothes … "How much is it?"

He Yi Ning looked at her with interest: "Seeing that you have voluntarily admitted your wrongs, we will only charge you the price, five hundred thousand per piece."

What? A million for two sets of clothes?

Shen Qi's face instantly paled.

"What is it? Couldn't afford it? Otherwise... "Using something else to pay off the debt?" He Yi Ning looked at his new appearance and looked at Shen Qi through the mirror …

Throwing these words down, He Yi Ning stood up and left with ease.

Shen Qi was so angry that she couldn't even speak.

As the manager of the He clan, he actually …

The phone rang. Shen Qi looked at the number, her heart suddenly hurt, and quickly picked it up: Hello, Auntie. Is there any news from Zhan Bo?

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone. After a full minute, a tired reply came in, "The police said that forty-eight hours have passed. I'm afraid there's not much hope of survival."

Shen Qi felt her mind go blank.

His body went limp and he slumped onto the carpet.

Zhan Bo, dead?

Why did he say he would die just like that?

Didn't you say that you would have a pair of lovers for life?

Didn't you say that you would be engaged as soon as you returned this time?

Liar, Zhan Bo, you big liar!

Shen Qi didn't know how she had walked out of the door.

When she regained her senses, she found that her entire body was drenched.

She wiped her face, not knowing whether it was tears or rain, blurring her vision.

Shen Qi wanted to cry and vent all her anger.

However, it was only at this moment that she understood that she could not even cry when the pain reached its peak.

Shen Qi staggered forward. In the pouring rain, the only sound left in the world was that of despair.

He Yi Ning saw the figure that was staggering by the side of the road, and instantly recognized the figure of the woman that was giving him the pose. His heart inexplicably tensed up, but just as he was about to walk past her, he suddenly said: "Stop."

The pure white Rolls-Royce stopped steadily. As the windows rolled down, the peerless beauty in the rain looked more and more like an otherworldly god.

Realizing that the lady in the rain had not noticed him at all, He Yi Ning couldn't help but squash his eyes.

No one had ever ignored him like this.

"Get in." She spoke with a light tone of anger. Was this woman a fool? Such a heavy rain and he didn't know how to use an umbrella?

Shen Qi heard the voices behind him, and automatically stopped and turned.

When he saw He Yi Ning's cold and indifferent beautiful face, for some reason, the tears that he had suppressed just a moment ago burst once again in a flash.

Shen Qi's lips trembled as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Even though she knew he was just a stranger to her.

However, Shen Qi really wanted to find someone to pour out her heart to, because in this world, she did not even have a single person that she could pour out her heart to.

Even if the other party was just a stranger, she could not hold it in any longer, "He's dead, and won't be able to come back … No more... "I won't be able to come back …"

Before he finished his sentence, he was already sobbing silently.

He Yi Ning looked at Shen Qi, who suddenly seemed to be as weak as a piece of thin paper.

For some reason, that little bit of anger disappeared in an instant.

He Yi Ning opened the car door for Shen Qi personally, and then suddenly became soft: "Get in."

Shen Qi was like a person who was about to drown, she suddenly grabbed onto the last straw and without any hesitation, got on the carriage.

Shen Qi curled up on her seat and cried like a child.

She was so afraid of being alone. She was so afraid of being alone in the dark.

He Yi Ning's eyes contracted as he said to the driver: "To Jinghua Manor."

The driver was surprised for a moment, but he immediately calmed down, and quickly drove towards Jinghua Manor.

When Shen Qi regained her senses, he found that she was in a villa in a huge manor.

Looking at the exquisite and simple Western European style rooms around him, Shen Qi realized that he had actually gotten into a strange man's car and went to his home.

Shen Qi subconsciously stood up straight, grabbed her own bag and prepared to escape in a sorry state.

"What is it? You owe me money, yet you want to run in such a hurry? " The distant and indifferent voice said these words.

Shen Qi suddenly turned around and saw He Yi Ning wearing a white pyjamas walking towards him.

Her short black hair that had just finished a bath was disheveled and tattered, causing He Yi Ning to become even more unrestrained and imposing.