In comparison to the hardworking war between Shen Rui and the rest, after Shen Yuan finished his battle with A Ling, he quickly left H Nation.

Because, A Ling really did not have much time left.

She did not want to die in a foreign land in her final days.

She wanted to find a quiet place, a place full of remembrance, and finish her last journey.

A Ling calculated the final days, she was eager to cherish every second, she wanted to hurry up and get along with Shen Yuan.

Shen Yuan also felt that every time A Ling looked at him with such a gentle and warm gaze, he would hug her tightly.

On this day, A Ling suddenly prepared a table full of dishes.


Shen Yuan looked at A Ling who had never dressed up in such a luxurious ma

er before and personally poured himself a cup of red wine. "A Ling, what are you doing?"

"Nothing, I have a little present for you tonight." A Ling's eyes were like water, and her smile was extremely sweet: "Come, try the dishes I made. I specially learned China Cuisine for you. "

"Alright, I like everything you do." Shen Yuan gave face and ate the food that A Ling brought over, "It's delicious, it's delicious. Wife, when we get married in the future, I want to eat the dishes you make everyday! "

A Ling's eyes moistened.

If there was a future, if there was a future, she was willing to wash her hands and make soup, to be an ordinary little woman.


But she had no time.

In one more day, she would face the final verdict.

Therefore, she decided to give him everything she had on this last night.

After finishing their meal, A Ling pulled Shen Yuan along as they climbed up to the roof of the building, leaned on his shoulder and said: "On the mountain, I didn't manage to properly see the stars with you. Finally, no one will disturb us tonight! You see, the stars in the sky are beautiful. If one day, I become one of the stars, I will always be looking at you, watching you happily live until the end of time. "

"Don't say that." Shen Yuan frowned: "If you want to see, do it like this, and accompany me to watch."

A Ling's tears fell, but there was still a smile on her face: "Alright."

A Ling lightly placed his head on Shen Yuan's shoulder, and lightly closed his eyes, properly feeling the happy days before him.

Deep in the night.

When Shen Yuan sent A Ling back to his room to rest, A Ling kept him there instead. "Ah Yuan, you should stay here tonight."

Shen Yuan's eyes instantly darkened. "Do you know what you're saying?"

"I know." A Ling looked up at him. "I want you."

Before he even finished speaking, Shen Yuan had already lowered his head and fiercely kissed A Ling. The two of them stumbled into the room and fell on top of the big bed.

The night passed.

The next day, the sky was bright.

Shen Yuan drowsily lifted his hand to touch her, but no matter how he touched her, he couldn't find her.

Shen Yuan's eyes suddenly opened.

The room was empty.

"A Ling?" Shen Yuan tried to open his mouth, but no one replied him.

When he lifted the blanket, the dark red rose on the bed reminded him that what had happened last night was not a dream.

But, where is A Ling?

Where did he go?

Shen Yuan went through every corner of the room, but he couldn't find her person.

What had happened?

Shen Yuan was completely stu


Just then, Shen Yuan's phone suddenly rang.

Shen Yuan saw that it was his father, Chong Ming, who called and quickly picked up: "Father?"

"Has A Ling already left?" Chong Ming immediately asked.

"Yes, Father, how did you know?" Shen Yuan retorted, and immediately asked: "Father, do you know something?"

"I do know. But now is not the time to talk about this. " Chong Ming said: "Under the bed in your room, there is a hidden button. When it is opened, there will be a box, and in the box is a syringe. The medicine in the syringe was the antidote that A Ling had on him. You must find her within five hours and inject this drug into her body. "

"Father! "What exactly is going on?" Shen Yuan panicked.

In the past, he would never have panicked like this for someone's sake.

But now, he panicked!

He finally had someone he didn't dare lose.

"It's too late to explain." Chong Ming said: "When the time comes, you can ask her yourself. "Remember, if you can't find her within five hours, she'll be dead!"

Hearing these words, the hair on Shen Yuan's back stood up straight.

He hung up the phone and flipped open the big bed. Sure enough, he found the snaps and boxes on the floor.

He took out the syringe and rushed out of the room without thinking.

He believed that his father would not speak without thinking!

A Ling is busy!

That silly girl, why was she hiding it from him!

Why can't I tell him something!

A Ling, A Ling, where exactly are you?

Hurry up and show up!

Shen Yuan drove, frantically searching for any trace of A Ling.

However, even after walking through every street, he could not find any trace of A Ling.

Where would she go?

Where could he go at this time?


Why did she keep emphasizing the stars last night?

The stars, the stars. What was the closest place to the stars?

Shen Yuan looked around, his gaze suddenly fixed on a gigantic tower in the center of the city.

It was the tallest building in the place.

Where is it?

Where is she?

As if he had gone mad, Shen Yuan sprinted towards the direction of the giant tower.

Time passed bit by bit.

Shen Yuan screamed from the bottom of her heart as she crazily reminded him, there was not much time left!

A Ling, A Ling, wait for me, wait for me to save you!

Shen Yuan wiped off his sweat as he jumped continuously through the crowd, pushed away everything in his way and rushed towards the giant tower.

A Ling only felt a wave of pain all over his body.

She knew that the poison was about to break out.

Am I going to die?


It was good to die here.

Standing here, closest to the stars!

After he died, he would have to wait for A Yuan to find his happiness.

His vision started to blur, and his body leaned onto the pillar powerlessly, feeling his life force slipping away little by little, his mind kept playing back and forth about the times he spent with Shen Yuan.

"Ah Yuan, thank you for letting me taste what love is like." The corner of A Ling's mouth rose, "But I'm sorry, I can't accompany you anymore in this life. In the next life, if fate allows it, we'll meet again! "

A Ling slowly closed his eyes.

He seemed to hear a call.

Who was that?

Why did it sound so familiar?

A Ling struggled to open his eyes, but he only had enough time to see a blurry figure rushing over.

Ah, the illusion before death?

Ah Yuan, did you come to see me?

That's great.

A'Yuan, thank you. I love you.

If this was a gift from the heavens, before his death, he could still fulfill his fantasies.

That would be great.

"A Ling, don't sleep, I'm coming, I'm coming!"