Before A Ling fainted, he clearly saw Shen Yuan's figure.

A'Yuan, is he here?

No, why would he come?

It must have been an illusion.

It was just an illusion before his death.

It was only because his obsession was too deep that such an illusion appeared in his heart.

Why would her Ah Yuan come here?


Let him leave so quietly.

Don't appear in front of him, don't let him worry, don't let him be sad.

Let him think that he left him on his own accord, so that he wouldn't feel sad.

The corner of A Ling's mouth raised slightly, and he slowly closed his eyes.

The moment she closed her eyes, the syringe steadily stabbed into her arm.

"A Ling, don't sleep, don't sleep, promise me? Don't sleep first, you'll be fine, I won't let anything happen to you! " Shen Yuan screamed crazily, but his fingers were still holding onto the syringe. Not a single drop of the medicine was wasted, and they were all pushed into A Ling's body.


After Shen Yuan finished injecting, he crushed the syringe and picked up A Ling, turned and ran away.

Returning back to their residence, Shen Yuan placed A Ling on the bed. Holding A Ling's hand, he gently kissed her lips, as though they were filled with sincerity, and called out to her non-stop.

He could not allow A Ling to leave him like this!

No matter what had happened, no matter who it was, they could not take A Ling away from him!

His A Ling absolutely could not abandon him and leave this place alone!

A Ling, please, wake up.

The medicine slowly released its potency in A Ling's body, and bit by bit swallowed the poison in her body.

His cold body warmed up bit by bit.

If it was an ordinary person, they wouldn't be able to notice this change.

But Shen Yuan was just too familiar with the human body.

He immediately and acutely sensed the changes in A Ling's body!

A Ling was getting better.

She was really getting better!

Great, his A Ling is back!

Shen Yuan knew that A Ling was hiding something from him, and his father should also be aware of this matter.

Although he wanted to know this secret, he was very calm right now.

He wanted A Ling to personally explain it to him.

As for the unconscious A Ling, his consciousness had already started to dissipate.

But after who knows how long, the dissipated consciousness actually began to gradually return to the cage.

Gradually, a familiar feeling returned.

What ?? what is going on?

Wasn't she already dead?

Why can I hear Shen Yuan's voice now?

Could it be that she had heard it through her soul state?

No, this feeling was too real.

Could it be that she didn't die?

A Ling wanted to open her eyes, but her body was too tired, her soul couldn't control her body anymore.

A Ling could clearly hear Shen Yuan's voice, and wanted to give Shen Yuan a little reply, but she couldn't even move her eyeballs.

A'Yuan, A'Yuan, did you hear me?

I'm here, I'm here.

I've been here all the time.

At this moment.

In a distant country.

Shen Lu looked at the man sitting opposite him, and then calmly dropped a piece.

Shen Lu won.

"Thank you for your blessings." Shen Lu looked at him with a smile.

The other party coughed a few times. Although his face was pale, his eyes did not conceal the smile in them. He said, "A loss is a loss. If you are willing to bet, then admit your loss."

Shen Lu said: "Then this daughter-in-law, I will accept her."

The other person nodded, "Tell her that she no longer has anything to do with me. She's free. "

Shen Lu nodded: "Thank you."

The other party waved his hand, and someone behind him pushed the wheelchair forward.

He said, "Since this matter has already been resolved, it's time for me to leave as well. Shen Lu, we shall meet again in the future. "

"See you later." Shen Lu did not ask him to stay, he only asked the assistant to send him off.

After they left, Shen Lu stood up and took the hat from the assistant beside him. He placed it on his forehead and smiled: "It's finally done, Little Yuan got what he wanted, we can all rest easy now."

"Sir, where are we going next?" the assistant asked.

"Let's go home and take a look." Shen Lu thought for a while, and said with focus: "I haven't seen mother for a long time. Tell Xiao Qi to find some time to go home and take a look. Just let them settle their own problems with the children. "


Two days and two nights had passed.

Shen Yuan accompanied her in front of the bed for two days and two nights, even without eating or drinking.

If not for the fact that A Ling's vital signs had been stable, Shen Yuan would have thought that A Ling was no longer in this world.

The doctor told him that A Ling was now in a deep sleep.

Due to her body being affected by a poison, the burden was too great. Even if the antidote later on had completely eliminated the hidden danger in her body, the initial loss had been too great, so she needed more time to rest.

Shen Yuan immediately understood.

As a member of this circle, he naturally understood what was going on with the poison in A Ling's body.

He somewhat hated his carelessness.

If he had known earlier, wouldn't such a thing have happened?

But A Ling was unwilling to say it even at death's door, obviously defending that person.

Ha ha, my heart is aching.

Who was the person that A Ling was willing to die to protect?

Shen Yuan was jealous again and again at the bottom of his heart, to the point that he was about to become the vinegar king.

If it wasn't for his mature heart, he would have probably drowned in his own vinegar vat.

However, since her father and the others knew about it and thought it was normal, she should trust him a little more.

Finally, on the afternoon of the seventh day when A Ling was in a coma, she regained control of her body and slowly opened her eyes.

"Wake up, wake up, doctor, come quickly!" Shen Yuan immediately noticed the change in A Ling's body, and frantically dragged the doctor out from the office, forcing him to immediately examine A Ling's body.

The doctor was stripped of his clothes.

But he did not dare complain.

Who told him to be Shen Yuan?

The doctor very quickly examined A Ling's entire body, and at the end of the examination, A Ling revealed a mischievous smile at Shen Yuan who was standing at the side.

It was only at this moment that Shen Yuan's heart was finally at ease.

Immediately after, Shen Yuan felt a pinch on his nose, and tears actually started to roll down his cheeks.

How embarrassing.

He hadn't shed a tear in years.

However, at this moment, he unexpectedly found himself unable to control himself.

Lost and recovered.

It was a blessing in life.

"There is nothing wrong with Miss Weng's body. It's just that she has lost a lot of strength. As long as she recovers, she will be fully recovered in a few days." After checking all the indicators, the doctor finally concluded, "Congratulations to the two of you."

Shen Yuan ignored the presence of the doctor, stepped forward, hugged A Ling, and said with a choked of sobs: "Thank you for not leaving me behind, thank you for coming back."

The book was over.